Invicium’s end-to-end service is designed to take your products from creation to delivery. Our warehousing, Freight & 3PL team keep up-to-date with the state of your inventory, and are always happy to help with your stock management.

Move, store and keep track of your printed items.

Your items kept safe and secure

Invicium has a large, secured warehouse that allows us to store and keep a personal eye on our clients’ stock. We have affordable and competitive storage rates that allow you to plan for the long term. Our facility is easily accessible to you when you need to get to your stock, or you can take advantage of our pick-and-pack and freight services to get your items where you need them.


From order to dispatch done for you


Take product logistics to the next level with our pick-and-pack services. There are a number of ways you can take advantage of this customised option.


You can send us your existing stock to hold in storage. Your customers can then order your stock via our B2B portal, or through email. Our team will receive the order and pick, pack and dispatch it to your customer.


If you order printed items through Invicium, you can also have them delivered straight to our warehouse for storage and dispatch. This means a convenient transition from ordering your new products, to having them collated and sent to your stores and locations when needed.

Keep up-to-date in real time


Allow Invicium to manage your inventory. When your stock is warehoused with us, we can monitor the levels of your items. Our inventory management system includes a live stock count that can be shared with you as regularly as you wish.


We can perform your stocktakes and notify you ahead of time when you need to reorder your items.


We take the headache out of inventory management and give you accurate information on your stock, so you can plan ahead for your business.

Fast, cost-effective shipping


We have an extensive and ever-growing network of trusted freight handlers across Australia and around the world. Delivering your products to your customers, or stocking up your stores and locations is simple with our freight services.


We can take control of getting your stock to where it needs to be, while honouring your shipping preferences and priorities. Whether your priorities are fast delivery, economical pricing, handle-with-care or carbon-neutral options, we have a pathway.


Talk to our team about hassle-free freight management that takes your goods from here to where they need to be.

The proverbial “safe haven” for all your 3PL needs. Short & Long term storage coupled with the latest in inventory management software allow you to react easy knowing that we have your valuable goods in check. Our pick n pack facility and a myriad of transport management options and exceptions ensure that all you need gets where it needs to be.

Invicium provides complete end-to-end marketing fulfilment services.

We’re here to save you time, coordinate all your marketing needs, and give you a single point of contact to streamline your communications.