The Time-Savvy Guide to Running a Successful Print Campaign

Top tips for managing your campaign while protecting your time.

POV: You’re the marketing manager in your company or department, and the success of the next print campaign rests on your shoulders.


How can you achieve the campaign goals within the allocated budget, and most importantly, not spend every waking moment of the next three months managing the finer details (possibly with the loss of sleep and maybe even hair)?


We see you.

In fact, we see people just like you everyday. We have assisted with thousands of print marketing campaigns, and we understand first-hand the challenges that commonly arise for marketing managers throughout the process.


At Invicium, we have honed our print services to be people-friendly, aimed at giving time back to busy business managers who are juggling many things at once.


So, what’s the best approach to your next print marketing campaign? We have collated our best tips and advice to help you deliver the strongest campaign possible. Follow along, and get ready for some very satisfying after-work bevvies to celebrate your next success.



Planning Your Print Campaign


1. Make Your Goals Crystal Clear

What does this print campaign need to achieve? An increase in brand awareness? A stronger brand identity? Are you promoting an event, or launching a new product?

Keep your goals clear, simple, and measurable.

It’s also important not to weaken your campaign by trying to make the marketing do too much. Think of each print campaign like an epic guitar solo, rather than a juggling, bagpipe-playing unicyclist.



2. Identify Your Target Audience

… And don’t forget to speak to them in everything you do! Sometimes a tagline or design style might sound and look great, but if it doesn’t connect with your target audience, you need to ditch it. (You are definitely permitted a brief mourning period for that excellent, but misguided, bit of marketing. And then move on to your better, more audience-specific ideas.)

Use all the resources at your fingertips to better understand the demographics, preferences, behaviours, and pain points of your target audience



3. Design Like a Champ

Think of your design like it is pulling together the goals of your marketing campaign with your existing brand assets and launching them at your target audience. A great design will include clear messaging with strong calls to action, and be visually appealing.



Pro Tip: Consult with a printer, such as Invicium, during your design phase. Professional printers can guide you in understanding some important specs, such as bleed, trim, and printing safe areas. You can also get advice on paper types and weights, helping you make the right selections for each piece of marketing. Don’t wait until the final design sign-off to consider how your marketing will appear on paper.



Printing And Beyond

You have many options for the printing process, from printing single runs yourself, through to having a print manager control the professional print run and logistics.

Many large businesses outsource different parts of the process to different operators, in a bid to keep costs down. While this can make the budget stretch further, it can create problems further down the track with poorly managed timing and miscommunications.

At the other end of the spectrum, we see many small businesses managing their marketing campaign entirely on their own, also in a bid to keep costs down. This can keep small business owners, or key people within their business, bogged down with print details, rather than spending their valuable time elsewhere.


Why Print Fulfilment might be your new best friend.

What’s an alternative that keeps printing costs down, while giving back your precious time?

Print Fulfilment Services!

A cost-effective way to manage your marketing by utilising smart management options, rather than reinventing the wheel yourself.




What You Get:


A Print Manager

Who will oversee your project from beginning to end. Our experienced print managers can check over your designs and ensure they are optimised for printing, and also give you expert advice on stretching your printing budget further with material choices and layout alternatives. Get a pro in your corner.


Print Fulfilment

You let us know what you need and when you need it, and we take care of the rest. We oversee quality control, print run numbers, and packing for distribution, freeing up your valuable time.


Storage, Logistics, and Distribution

The campaign doesn’t end once the printing is finished. You need to get your final assets out to where they need to be. This can sometimes mean delivering assets to multiple locations at once to coordinate a campaign roll-out. Or it can mean regular deliveries to keep stores stocked up with the materials they need. With Print Fulfilment, we can take care of the storage, logistics, and distribution of printed assets, keeping your assets safe and moving them to where they need to be.

  • No need to find warehouse space for your printed materials
  • Reliable, trackable transport with our trusted partners
  • Your Invicium Print Manager continues to oversee your campaign
  • Control and track everything you need to through your Invicium client portal



Can we help with your next campaign?

We have helped hundreds of marketing managers turn their print marketing around from a migraine-producing muddle to a smooth and effective roll-out.


  • Big Business – stop the juggle of outsourcing each step to a different operator. Consolidating print management with Invicium can streamline your timeframes and free up your staff for other tasks (and it may just be more cost effective than you think!)


  • Medium Business – services such as Pick-and-Pack and inventory management can keep you on top of your printed assets without moving a muscle. This is how you supply print marketing to your stores and locations while keeping the momentum going with other aspects of your business.


  • Small Business – when you’re ready to level up, Invicium can help you do it. There’s no need to rent warehouse space for your print assets when you partner with us. We can print, warehouse, and distribute your stock, or any combination of the above! Ask us how.

Ready to switch your print marketing campaign to a time-savvy workflow?