Is there an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Signs? Let’s find out.

At Invicium we are committed to exploring sustainable alternatives to plastic, and we welcome new eco-friendly product development.

Creating Dependable Posters & Signs

Quality poster and signage backing material is a staple of what we do at Invicium, and a necessary starting base for the promotional material we produce. In our industry, being seen is the ultimate goal and floppy signs or torn posters just won’t cut it.

Traditionally, plastic or PVC signs and plastic-coated poster papers have fulfilled the criteria for sturdy, long-lasting sign backings.

The increasing concern is the environmental impacts that surround plastic products, and of course our industry is not alone in using plastics and contributing to eventual pollution when plastic products are no longer in use.

At Invicium we are committed to exploring sustainable alternatives to plastic, and we welcome new eco-friendly product development.



Is there an alternative to plastic-based signs & posters?

One such product is CityLight Poster Paper. Crafted from renewable and sustainable fiber-based material, this poster paper is not only environmentally friendly but is a quality alternative to plastic-wrapped options. Its progressive environmental technology has led to several accreditations including the German Blue Angel environmental label and EcoLabel.

What we love about this product is its genuine ability to replace plastic posters and signs in a variety of applications. With wet strength additives enhancing its water-resistant performance, CityLight can be used in outdoor furniture and signage, remaining durable, tear-resistant and vibrant.



The industry shift: Recycling and Compost Friendly

The industry has begun to focus on compostable materials as a way to make significant progress in environmental care. Products that are both recyclable and compostable are a key way forward to a sustainable future.

CityLight Poster Paper is made from paper-based material that decomposes in just 3-6 weeks once placed in a compost environment. Comparable plastic-based alternatives can take over 100 years to break down, a long-term environmental proposition that leaves microplastics in the earth, air and water even long after the product has broken down. CityLight also closes the loop from manufacture to end-of-life disposal. 100% recyclable, CityLight posters can be placed in paper or cardboard recycling bins once the marketing campaign has ended.



How does a product like CityLight compare to traditional plastic-coated alternatives?

At Invicium, we have found it to be equal in quality to the plastic alternatives, remaining strong, dependable, and able to meet our customers needs.

It also stands up well to the demands of a variety of printing needs. Able to be used in UV inkjet, solvent, eco-solvent, or latex technology, CityLight performs with exceptional photo quality. Our prints are crisp and eye-catching, meeting the high quality demands we place on any work we produce for our customers.



Is CityLight right for your next project?

At Invicium, we are substituting traditional plastic coated products for sustainable alternatives like CityLight in many applications.


Pools, Gyms & Sports Centres

In indoor spaces where moisture as well as durability are concerns, we find CityLight to be a reliable product. Splash-proof signage is a must in environments such as indoor or outdoor pools. CityLight can withstand splashes, as well as a high moisture content in the air.

Gyms and sports centres often have a high humidity and moisture content in the air, as well as air conditioned air which can rapidly change moisture content. We have successfully installed CityLight into these environments for both medium and long-term displays.

Street furniture

Street furniture signage needs to be suitable for any weather condition, from strong UV days to raining cats and dogs. In installing CityLight into A-frame and T-frame signs for our customers, we have been keen to know how well it stands up to daily weather extremes, and we’re pleased to hear back that CityLight has performed well in these situations, giving our customers the quality signage they need in an eco-friendly format.

Other applications

We use CityLight in many applications from outdoor billboard displays, bus and transport shelters, backlit light box applications, regular posters, signage, displays, and POS/POP.

If you’re interested in trying an eco-friendly option in your signage and displays, talk to our team about CityLight and the other sustainable options we have available. We’ll talk you through the capabilities and limitations of each product, and help you select the right option for your situation.

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