Top 3 reasons why you should store your stuff with us

Let’s face it. Storage is a hassle. You’ve done the crazy 10-hour days to get your ideas produced into tangible (and often costly) goods, now you’ve got to worry about storing them in a safe space until you actually need them? That practically screams sleepless nights.

Warehousing - Top 3 reasons why you should store your stuff with us

So question is, would you take on the expensive risk (and not to mention the scary puffy eyes)? Or would you do it the smart way and leave it to the experts (aka our warehousing team here at Invicium) to handle the stress for you? Because let’s face it, we practically eat, sleep and breathe boxes day in and day out… (ok, weird mental image there, but you get the gist).

No. 1: Storing the goods
When you’re talking about storing your precious company commodities, the words safe and secure immediately come to mind. At Invicium, we have plenty of safe space within the four walls of our two, soon to be three, fully-functioning warehouses. Our storage facilities are fitted with all the necessary safety measures (back to base alarms etc) and are monitored by full-time staff.

No. 2: Handling the goods
What’s the use of keeping goods in a secured locked up space with no professional back up? The handling, collating, picking and packing of all your commodities are done by Invicium’s warehousing team. These guys have been doing it for years and know the ins and outs of handling goods with the utmost professionalism and care.

tracking goodsNo. 3: Managing the goods
As a client you’re bound to want to keep tabs on what you have stored and where. Invicium’s integrated online inventory management system (phew! That’s a mouth full) allows you to do just that. We can also produce detailed reports for you!

So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to stress and droopy eye bags and call us today so we can sort you out, quick smart.

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