As a homeowner, wouldn’t you agree that ever so often, it’s good to do a bit of tweaking and touching up? You know, tighten up some screws, repaint the walls, polish the decking, replace the door knobs… etc. Whatever it may be, it’s always nice to bring back a little of that “new home” feel.

A company is no different.

Invicium - Welcome

Whilst our internal processes successfully tick along, we understand and acknowledge the important of the external. Over the past few months, the Invicium team has worked hard to revamp and rebrand the company logo and website to bring back that “new home” feel.

Starting of as a small print management firm, we are proud to say that we’ve not only survived, but thrived in the last 20+ years. We’ve tried, we’ve tested and we’ve managed to implement successful systems and mastered the necessary skills to provide the best possible service in the ever-changing field of Print Management, Warehousing and Logistics. Our new logo is a testament to our progression and we believe, effectively resonates the evolution of our brand.

Hand in hand, we also launch a new and improved website which will now act as a clean, clear and concise portal into our world – to help us effectively deliver the Invicium message to you, our supporters.

  • Explore our range of products and services within our three realms of expertise: print management, warehousing and logistics.
  • Discover user-friendly tools that will help you, as an existing client, place and manage your orders with us.
  • Absorb our free advice and read about related trends in the market to help you achieve your end goal.
  • Find out what our clients are saying about us and their experiences of working with the Invicium team.
  • And finally, get in touch with us and be instantly connected to one of our account managers who are here to take good care of you.

Old NewIt goes without saying that we are very excited for this change. But whilst we embrace our new look to the fullest, it’s important to add that we will continue to honour the same founding blocks that have gotten us this far. Honesty, integrity and 100% personalised service: we will continue to stand by our principles and strive to serve you in the best way we possibly can.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of the Invicium support system over the years. We appreciate it very much.

Feel free to browse through every page, click on every link and leave us a message on our contact page. Also, don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow our account managers on LinkedIn.

Happy browsing!

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