Print management aside, we specialise in multiple areas of post-production services include handling, fulfilment and the distribution of goods.

Country-wide network: be it local or national, simple or complex, we’re equipped to manage your logistic requirements – yes, even to the most remote areas of Australia.

Sourcing the suited: time, cost, space… whatever your priority may be, our strong ties with freight and transport companies allows us to find you your ideal option at the most cost-effective price.

Pick, pack, trace & track: once you’ve signed onto use our logistics facilities, your responsibilities end right there. Our team handles the rest of the nitty gritty, paying attention to every detail to ensure 100% outcome and on-time delivery. This means, no paperwork hassle, no follow-up phone calls and no stressing the “what ifs”.

Let’s talk specifics. Call us on 03 9371 0600 or email us at info@invicium.com.au and we’ll get in touch with you.

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