Catalogues – we love them!

There’s nothing more gratifying than flicking through pages of deal after deal and finding the bargain of a lifetime, whilst you scarf down a muffin on your breakfast table. Yes, we’ve all done it – spotted the deal and carefully folded the corner of the page to mark the spot.

Catalogues - we love them!

Catalogues reach over 18.25 million Australians every week!

Should that catalogue successfully make its way into your carrier bag, you are more than likely to visit the relevant store to make your purchase. So yes, they obviously work. And as the Australian Catalogue Association will report, it looks like they are here to stay.

We at Invicium have always been fans of well-crafted product catalogues and continue to print manage them for a variety of Australian brands, including everyone’s favourite personal grooming retailer – Shaver Shop.

So if you haven’t already jumped on the printed product catalogue bandwagon, here are a few (persuasive) facts to get you started:

No. 1
Catalogues hold the no. 1 spot for being the medium with the highest level of influence on shopper purchases. Which means, consumers that use catalogues are more likely to visit the relevant store front.

No. 2
Catalogues reach over 18.25 million Australians every week! That’s a staggering number compared to all other channels of communication including television (14 mil), radio (14.4 mil) and newspapers (14.2 mil).

No. 3
Regardless of what age bracket you belong to, catalogues are considered more “trustworthy” when compared to the internet – yes, even the teenyboppers think so. 66% of 14+ Australians read catalogues in an average 4-week timeframe. Whilst Australian’s aged 50+ are the strongest consumers with 73% reading print catalogues – 8% read them online. That’s a strong buying power right there don’t you think?

No. 4
65% of consumers expressed a preference for receiving catalogues in their letterboxes whilst only only 17% prefer to read them online. Again, print wins over pixels in this case.

No. 5
Printed catalogues have reached an all-time volume high with 8.2 billion catalogues reaching letterboxes last year!

No. 6
Catalogues are the strongest performer (if not 2nd place) in many MAJOR segments – home furnishings/electronics/appliances, car stuff, clothing/fashion, books/CDs, toys for the little ones, groceries and drinks,  phones and computers just to name a few.

No. 7
Catalogues are 100% recyclable. And in Australia the recycling rates are recorded at 70% above the average paper recycling rate.

For marketeers and business owners, it’s good to note that a multi-channel campaign is the way to go. Do the digital stuff, but make sure you have some beautifully printed catalogues to support your campaigns. Research shows that combining the print and digital medium options can up brand engagement by 26%!

 * Source Australian Catalogue Association – Annual Catalogue Industry Report 2012/13

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