Why use a Print Management Company?

It’s a fair question. You would think going straight to a printing house would save you the big bucks – which is again a fair assumption, but is it always true?

From a client’s perspective: here are a couple of reasons why some have jumped across the fence to use a Print Management Company like Invicium versus a standalone printing house. Printing - Why use a print management company

Knowledge and access to the market as a whole. Relying on your mate Google to suss out a supplier is only going to get you so far. The fact is, here at Invicium, we have spent the last two decades doing the sussing out for you. We know what’s out there, we know the suppliers and specifically, we know what each one specialises in. And when you have that kind of access, you are bound to get better results at a better rate. Don’t you think?

Understanding the process for purchasing print. Much like drinking wine, there’s an art to the printing process and choosing the right specifications to suit your exact needs. This can only come with experience in the industry. To have to work with types of paper, printing formats, colour pantones, finishing… that’s a lot of unchartered territory to cover, especially when you have campaign deadlines looming over your heads. So why do it? You’re better off letting someone who knows their craft handle all the little details for you.

From our perspective, as a print management company, we are NEVER limited. Printing houses are always working within their boundaries, which means, you will need to navigate the market for multiple suppliers to suit every specific need. Well, we’re here to tell you that we have access to them all – all the good ones that is. What this means is the possibilities are virtually endless and no matter what type of print product it is, we’ll find you the right source. Moreover, we’re here to give you valuable free advice; the latest the industry has to offer, particular trends that could help facilitate your needs and also environmental-friendly options which could help you make greener choices.

What people tend to forget is that choosing the right printing partner is just as important as the creation of the campaign. And it’s just not good enough to rely on XYZ’s Printing House down the street because it’s the closest, most convenient option available.

What you need is true quality experience – one that only a print management company, like Invicium, can give you. From consultation, to production and quality control, our veteran account managers are here to see to it that you and your company’s image and branding are completely taken care of, every step of the way.

Better yet – how does a complete end-to-end solution sound? We can do it all from creative consulting, sourcing, production quality control, storing and even the delivery of goods! Talk about relieving the pressure huh?

Call us today at 03 9371 0600 and let’s talk specifics.

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