5 reasons why you should let Invicium manage your transport needs

No. 1: Tried and Tested
It’s like they say, you never know unless you try it. Over the past six years, we at Invicium have tried and tested an array of transport companies, ranging from local metro transit carriers to regional and interstate ones. We have now zoned in on three of the best regional-interstate and two local metro companies that have proven to provide optimum results. Why make the mistake of “shooting in the dark” when we’ve already done the work for you?

Logistics - 5 reasons why you should get Invicium manage your transport

No. 2: Guaranteed Quality & Service
Our pre-qualified list of carriers ensures that we can offer you, our customers, the most ideal AND economical option available out there. Service wise, well… they wouldn’t be on our pre-qualified list if they didn’t get the Invicium stamp of approval now would they? Budget, delivery time, location… you name it and we can match the carrier to your priority.

No. 3: Zero Responsibility… for you!
From the moment the stock arrives and / or the orders are placed, WE take ALL the pressure off your shoulders. The second the order is packed it gets put through to the freight connoisseur and we undertake a variety of measures to ensure the final delivery of goods… i.e. creating the consignment notes and booking the freight to final tracking and reporting. All we ask is you keep you receiver information handy. That is all!

 No. 4: Communication, communication, communication
It’s like being in a relationship – You are always open about your needs and expectations so you leave no room for mishaps. We communicate not only with our customers on a regular basis but also with all our freight companies. From start to finish, we ensure that all lines of communication are open and that we are in the know of any updates or delays (due to natural disasters or public holidays) so we can relay the information back to you in real time.

No. 5: Experience counts
Six years in the world of freight has taught us a lot. That might not sound like a long time to some of you, but with our super-pick-up-powers, we have mastered all the skills required to manage your logistics needs down to the minute detail. For any of you who have had dealings with freight will know that the industry is full of challenges. The good thing is, we at Invicium thrive on such challenges – it’s what keeps us going.

In line with our business philosophy, we have worked very hard to ensure that we have the best logistic companies at our disposal – so you, as our client – can feel absolutely relaxed that you’ve left, what some might consider the most tedious part of business, in the safest hands. Yup, that would be me, Andrea. You can reach me at 0438 406 833 – let’s talk specifics.

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