3D Printing – Love it or Hate it?

Remember that article we shared on our Facebook page? The one about the baby being saved by a 3D-printed airway?

When you hear stories like that you think, holy cow – we’ve certainly come a long way from fighting the frustrations of floppy discs and tangled cassette tapes haven’t we?

Then you hear of stories of Australian 3D printers and their soon-to-master ability to print limbs. Yes, actually growing human body parts by reproducing tissue material… so we’re talking skin, arteries, cartilage – the whole lot.

The Liberator

Plastic parts which form The Liberator. Picture: defcad.org

According to the experts, should you need some form of regeneration, structures can be printed and implanted into human bodies. The idea is to have cells grow on the devices in order to replicate certain bodily functions in those areas. Which essentially then means that you’re looking at a future where actual body parts aka bones, joints and even organs, can be grown out of 3D printers.

What about the story about the 3D printed gun that was fired – they call it the Liberator.

There’s already a constant stream of debates hanging over 3D printing and its capabilities and how it’s going to “change the world.”

We’re curious… what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Don’t care?


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